Different Modes To Reach Shimla


The favourite route of  travel to Shimla, prefered by most North Indian travellers is driving down. If Delhi is your starting point, Shimla is about 343 kms away, which translates into a drive of 8 to 9 hours with eating breaks and pit-stops. It is advisable to take the Panipat- Karnal- Ambala- Panchkula- Solan- Shimla route as these roads are good and facilities here are located in plenty. Stack up some yum snacks when headed on this one to complement the scenic views and smooth roads with good munching.

Travellers in Chandigarh can chill as Shimla is a comfortable three hour drive from here.


Ride to Kalka in the Broad Gauge Railway on regular trains like the Shatabdi Express and Shivalik Deluxe Express. Once in Kalka, you absolutely have to board the Toy Train to Shimla for an unforgettable experience of reaching Shimla while enjoying spellbinding views of mountains and valleys and riding through numerous tunnels. While the ride to Kalka is about 7 hours long, from here to Shimla will take you another 5 to 6 hours. Though this journey is long, it is totally worth it, and UNESCO agrees with us, as it has recognized the beautiful views, slow rhythmic movement and the fantasy like views of the Toy Train as a World Heritage Site. You're also going to love the various dark tunnels that the train goes through, adding an adventurous dimension to your journey!


Hate the motion sickness driving through hills gives you? Escape it all by flying directly to Shimla. The airport here is named Jubbarhatti and is located at a distance of 22 kms from main Shimla. The Jubbarhatti Airport was constructed by cutting off a mountain top and landing here is surely one exhilarating experience, if you happen to be looking out of your window.


Once you land, take a prepaid taxi or ask your hotel to arrange a pick-up, as per your convenience. Regular flights operate between Delhi, Chandigarh and  Shimla, check with your agent and get one booked for yourself for you don’t want to miss experiencing this hill station. Enjoy the drive from the airport to your hotel on endlessly stretching winding roads surrounded by lush greenery. Roll down the windows and drink up the pure mountain air on your way!


Shimla is well connected to north Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi and Chandigarh by air, rail and road so you don’t have to stress at all about how to get there. Sit back and plan what you want to do there, as this concern of yours is already taken care of!

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