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Drop your bag of worries in some forlorn land and get ready to be transformed in this magical place that awaits you with lots of joy and merriment. Shimla is an amalgamation of various cultures and traditions.The people here belong to different tribes and races giving it a rich cultural heritage. People of Shimla are rooted to their customs and rituals and engage in amazingly colorful and effervescent festivals and events. Here are some of the most famous and enthusiastically celebrated festivals and events which you would love to be a part of:

Rhyali Festival

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Shimla so the rains are of utmost importance and significance. Rhyali festival is celebrated so as to please the rain god Indra for a timely and adequate rainfall that results in a good and healthy produce.

It is celebrated in the beginning of the month of Shravana (July) with the traditional ceremony marked by the sowing of five or seven different seeds ten days before the actual date of celebration. Come here and witness the mock wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati that takes place. This follows some local rituals and the celebration that you would be delighted to be a part of.



Shimla is one of the most famous winter destinations with the snow covered hilltops being a major tourist attraction. Festival of Christmas clubs the white winter with the colors of joy and enthusiasm which you would be utterly delighted to experience. The true spirit of Christmas can be seen here with the Christ Church getting decorated heavily. The bonfire and carol singing before the midnight mass on christmas eve is an experience that you will take back home. There is delicious cake and hot coffee served after the mass which anybody can come and feast on. The lights and candles dazzling in the snow covered church is a mesmerising site that will make you want to keep staring.

Shimla transforms into the fairytale land of  Santa, reindeers, carols, sparkling lights and much more during the much celebrated time of Christmas. Grab the opportunity and live those childhood tales!

Ice Skating Carnival

Winters in Shimla are accompanied by heavy snowfall painting the town white in appearance and colourful in spirit. Your whims and fantasies may just come alive when you see the silver crystals of snow cascading from the sky and decking Shimla with a velvety white carpet. During the winter months of December, January and February Sports like ice-skating and skiing are very popular and something that you must try.

The ice-skating Club of Shimla ( organizes the ice skating carnival every year in the month of January. For the ice-skating sessions, held twice a day, the skates are available at the rink at very reasonable prices. The club organizes fairs and fancy dress competition that are fun to participate in. Also ice-hockey, and torch light dance are among the popular events. This carnival filled with color and fervor is not something that you would want to miss so plan your trip accordingly!


Shimla Summer Festival
The time when most of the parts of the country are parched with heat, Shimla welcomes you with a pleasant and serene weather that would make you want to stay there forever. Not just this, Shimla hosts a Summer Festival every year in the month of May where numerous programmes and events are celebrated making it fun-filled  and enjoyable.

The festival takes place at Ridge of Shimla with much pomp and grandeur. This is a time when the locals and the people from places around get a chance to showcase their talent in various events and competitions like folk music and dance, baby shows, food festival, flower display, etc. Also there is a fair where the locals display their outstanding traditional handicrafts which are famous all over the country and perform their folk music and dance along with food stalls that have mouth-watering local specialities. The festival is one of the medium that highlights the cultural diversity of our country.

You definitely can not afford to miss this amazing and vibrant festival that guarantees bags full of happiness and fun.



Keep those office files or that mundane routine aside and set free to this whole new world of colourful festivals and events welcoming you with open arms. Make sure that you plan a trip during the time when you can experience at least one of them!

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