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The Culture and lifestyle of Shimla reflects the traditions and life patterns of the pahari people. The people living here follow the ideology of simple living and high thinking. These down to earth people come from a mix of various tribes and races, and follow their traditions and rituals with full devotion. They are so welcoming and warm at heart that you would want to keep coming back.

If you have heard stories of the Indian Kings you must be remembering how they used to send their children to Gurukul which were generally located in some distant land surrounded by all the elements of nature. Shimla is one place where education combines with nature and helps one connect better to the five elements our body is an amalgamation of. It is the hub of top reputed boarding and day schools in India which is well reflected in its Human Development indicators.


The residents attach high significance to education and special care is taken of the educational institutes by the Himachal Government. This strong educational background dates back to the time of British settlement when lots of missionary schools came up, Bishop Cotton, Auckland House and Loretto Convent, to name a few. Also the Indian Institute of Advanced Study is well known around the globe making the place popular among students from everywhere.


Despite the commercialization and the immigration of people from distant lands, the people here have preserved their traditions and rituals. When in Shimla you would not want to miss their traditional art and craft, culture, fair, festival, music, dance, clothes or even food.


Shimla is  famous for its unmatched art of metal, stone and wood crafting, a sample of which you would definitely want to take back home as a souvenir. The handwork of the people is commendable and is known for Thapada and Kohana embroidery which can be seen in shawls, salwar, kameez, kurtis  and also the traditional knee length gowns called Juan  and Chadiyan. Carpets, blankets and rugs of Shimla are very popular among tourists. For the jewellery lovers Shimla has beautiful traditional metal and bead jewellery characterized by artistic craftsmanship of the locals.


Hum the catchy tunes or let your body get swayed by the thumping beats, let loose and and get coloured in the vivid colours of the traditional music and dance of Shimla. Kayang, Bakayang, Bnayangchu, Jataru Kayang, Shand and Rasa are some of the dance forms that are native to Shimla will get your feet tapping. The beautiful dresses and the antique jewelry are a treat to eyes.


Shimla’s rustic culture is well linked to its occupation. Agriculture and livestock rearing are main source of livelihood for the people of Shimla. You will find many people working in terrace farms and orchards. The apples and oranges produced here are famous all over India.


You will not be doing justice to your trip to Shimla if you do not embrace the rich cultThe age old adage goes as, when in Rome do as the Romans do, but for this you need to have a little insight about the place to avoid feeling lost. We understand your apprehensions about how the things are going to be in an unfamiliar land. Sideline your worries and all you need to get lost in is the pristine beauty of Shimla. Here are a few tips that will surely prove to be of great help:

Being a hill station the weather is generally below the moderate level. When travelling in summers, cotton clothes will do the needful but do carry light winter clothing as nights are cold.

Shimla is at high altitude, so the roads are carved from the mountains and are curvy. Those suffering from motion sickness, back pain and headaches do carry your prescribed medicines. Also do not forget to keep cold and cough medicine, a change of weather may make you need it.

For all the shopaholics, you might need to hurry as the markets in Shimla open at ten in the morning and are close by five in the evening. You can shop till five and enjoy the rest of the evening exploring the miraculous beauty of Shimla.

For dining, the restaurants in Shimla are open late till eleven in the night, so finding food after a day long of sightseeing  will not be a problem.

Though credit cards are accepted by most of the shops, it is advisable that you still carry some cash with you.

Parking becomes a problem during the peak season so it's advisable that you leave your car parked at the hotel itself and walk up to the places you want to visit.

As Shimla is very popular among the tourists Hotels get filled up in no time and finding a place to stay becomes a problem. We would advise that you call up the hotels before leaving and confirm your booking.


These are a few tips that may come handy!ure and take a dip in the local flavours!

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